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Customize Tableau Software to meet your needs

Data Analysis and interpretation are indispensable for timely action and success in your business.
Thanks to Tableau, Atlantic Technologies has developed solutions that are tailored to your needs and enable you to make smart decisions:

  • Credit Management. The app combines the Administrative and Commercial aspects of Credit Management, involving both sales and financial data.
  • Territory Management. The solution that allows you to plan and manage the sales territory thanks Business Intelligence of Tableau Software.
  • Order Cost Analysis. The best in class solution to analyze the status of orders in real time and to plan the team’s activities in the best possible way.
  • Pharma Analytics. It understands, analyses and foresees market dynamics, allowing to make informed decisions.
  • Purchasing. The solution analyses and tracks the purchases, considering the main KPIs of products, services and suppliers.
  • Cash Flow Analysis. The app allows you to monitor the trend of cash flows (direct, indirect and forecast) through the analysis of final data and/or forecast data.
  • Sales Analytics. The module allows the analysis of the commercial activity through customized dashboards.