Atlantic Technologies Spa (hereafter called “The Company”), registered office in Milano, viale Sarca 223, in order to select its professional resources provides the opportunity to apply for job positions posted on its website, on national newspapers and other websites.
In order to do so, the Company requires candidates to provide any useful data to prove their suitability with requested positions. The Company is committed to protecting information relating to personal data, in accordance to the Lgs.D 196/03 of the Italian Law and its subsequent modifications.

1. Treatment modalities


Data will be treated by the Company with the use of computerised, electronic or automatic devices.
The Company will take care of:
1) the exact registration, so that data corresponds to what declared from the concerned person
2) data updates further to any communications provided by the concerned person
3) data preservation only for the time necessary to identify the person and complete the goals for which the data is being collected.


With the aim of personnel selection, the Company may ask candidates to send a CV to the email address: or to provide any further personal information useful to identify whether the candidate’s profile is in line with the Company’s requirements.
The Company reserves the right to remove the received data from its own archive, where incorrect or incomplete.
The Company may also request to communicate further data necessary to inform about its own initiatives and activities, as well as to request data useful to get feedbacks on the services offered to increase quality and usability.
With this aim, the Company might use all data collected for statistic purposes, preserving anonymity.
The conferment of data requested by the Company is optional, however, it is strictly necessary in order to apply for job positions posted on the Company’s website, or to send a spontaneous application. By proving the requested data, the concerned person is aware to authorise the Company to treat and process data for the finalities expressed above.

2. Sensitive Data

2.1 Where information requested by the Company contains sensitive data (revealing racial or ethnic origin, religious or philosophical beliefs or of other kind, political opinions, membership to political parties, trade unions, associations or organisations with a religious, philosophical, political or trade—unionist character, health condition and sexual life) this information will be treated by the Company only with the written approval of the concerned person. Should sensitive data need to be communicated, the concerned person will authorise the Company to treat it this data with a dedicated email: “The undersigned, to the senses of Lgs. D. 196/03, hereby authorises Atlantic Technologies S.p.A. to treat and communicate the sensitive data to third parties for the purposes specified in the information document”.

3. Communications and data transfer

The Company will communicate personal data to third parties only if this is strictly necessary in order to conduct its own activity, to pursue the purposes expressed at the point 1 of this document or to fulfil legal obligations. Therefore, personal and identification data will be communicated to:
a) organisations linked to the Company
b) public authorities or private companies to comply to legal obligations
c) companies dealing with statistics.

To the senses of the Lgs.D. 196/2003, in order to support the personnel selection, the Company might transfer its own personal data to foreign countries, also extra EU. The concerned people can ask the Company to remove their private data at any time.

4. Rights of the concerned person

The individuals referred to by the personal data collected in the aforementioned sections have the right, at any time:
1) to obtain the confirmation of the existence or not of the personal data, even if not yet registered, and that such data is made available in an intelligible manner.
2) to know (i) the origin of the personal data, of the purposes and methods (ii) how data is treated through electronic devices (iii) personal details of the owner, of the responsible people, as well as of the legal representative (iv) of the subjects/categories to which data can be communicated or that or can become knowledgeable from the kind of representative designated in the State, of Persons in charge or delegated.

In addition, the concerned person has the right to obtain:
a) Data updates, amendments and integration
b) Data cancellation or transformation in anonymous form, or block of the data treated in violation of law, included data whose conservation is not necessary in connection to the purposes for which the data were collected either subsequently treated;
c) the statement that the operations reported to the below letters a) and b) have been communicated – also in regards to their content – to those people to which the data were communicated or spread -except for cases in which such fulfilment was impossible or entails the use of means manifestly disproportionate to safeguarded rights.

The interested person has also the right to oppose totally or in part to:
a) personal data treatment for legitimate reasons, if relevant to the purpose of the collection;
b) personal data treatment for what concerns sending of advertising material, direct sales, market research, business communication. The interested person can submit the above requests to the Company through registered mail, fax or email.

5. Data Processor

The data processor is Atlantic Technologies Spa (registered office: viale Sarca, 223, Milano). The list of the persons managing any data processing is available at the Company’s head office.