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Salesforce Platinum Partner: Atlantic Technologies chooses only the best.

Salesforce is the world leader in CRM and company cloud computing for sales management, marketing and customer service.

The customer is always at the center of the Digital Transformation process and companies can interact with their customers in a whole new way.

Atlantic Technologies, Platinum Partner Salesforce, offers the most advanced CRM solutions to meet the needs of companies that aspire to excellence. Our certified consultants are advisors with cross industry experience and technical prowess. We guide our clients on best practices and accompany our customers in the path of the Digital Transformation with Cloud & Mobile technologies, helping them to remain competitive in the global scenario. 

With 20 years of experience in CRM project management, including 100+ projects successfully completed, our international staff helps customers address the challenges of the future.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM), aims to make effective the business management of all the interactions that are established, with potential and existing customers, from pre-sales to post-sales. CRM allows each business sector to access shared and real time updated information in order to improve the management and the customer experience as much as possible.

Salesforce is the CRM platform, a global leader that enables you to manage customer relationships through a combination of business processes to acquire and retain the customer base. The architecture of Salesforce, supported by cloud computing technology, can revolutionize sales, service and marketing in all vertical markets in order to maximize the customer experience.
Thanks to its flexible and highly customizable structure, the Salesforce CRM platform provides innovative and specific solutions for each type of industry and demand.