We are a Tableau trusted Partner

Tableau is leader in data analysis and exploration

Discover the new facet of Business Intelligence. Tableau is easy and fun, start playing with your data toda.

We are excited with our partnership with Tableau, the best data analysis and visualization platform.

Thanks to our strong experience and expertise in Cloud, Big Data e Analytics, we help our clients understanding and interacting with the data:

  • Vertical know-How acquired in over 15 years of BI / PM experience with more than 100 worldwide successful projects
  • Consolidated experience in the integration of BI, ERP and CRM, locally and globally

Through data analysis, processing and aggregation, Business Intelligence allows the transformation of the same information in easily storable and accessible information. This model brings a huge support on strategies implementation and operational tactics.

The Business Intelligence system is therefore structured as follows:

  • Collection of company data
  • Data Validation and integration
  • Data Processing and analysis
  • Effective understanding of the data and information flows
  • Use of data in decision making processes

Tableau is a software that optimizes the process of analysis and understanding of the large amount of data that a company produces and collects by creating dashboards and interactive representations.

An innovative and creative tool that allows you to make different data display options, thanks to the combination of colors, dimensions, symbols and labels.

What distinguishes Tableau from its main competitors and makes it the market leader is the relationship between the quality of results and its ease of use.

The intuitive interface supported by a drag and drop technology allows to compare in an effective and understandable way the different variables of the process and the market.

Thanks to a modern approach of Business Intelligence, Tableau Software allows you to:

  1. Implement a complete and effective process in a few hours.
  2. Easily create comprehensive graphical representations of all your data, thanks to the Drag & Drop technology.
  3. Connect any type of data, large amount of information, different systems and all of the internal and external processes of your business.
  4. Promptly interact with your data, modifying and updating dashboards without complex levels or specific protocols of the software.
  5. Easily access to all of the necessary information at all company levels.
  6. Starting with a small project to full potential in order to dimensionally extend the solution according to the needs of the company.
  7. Interact with your information from any fixed or mobile device.